Monday, December 12, 2011

There Is Just No Satisfying Some People

Penang chief minister Lim Guan Eng and his entourage climbing aboard the KD ‘Tun Razak’ for a dive session about 40 nautical miles from the Awana Porto Malai jetty in Langkawi.

It is now a matter of record that the three opposition leaders that heads the current Penang State Government has taken a dive in one of the Royal Malaysian Navy Scorpene Submarine during the recent LIMA.

But Politicians being politicians, it can be expected that the event would still be spinned away as per the Chief Minister's blog posting below.

Guan Eng slams Zahid: Don't try to cover up Scorpenes high cost and commission

He can rant all he wants but to this I wanna ask, where does he get off in comparing a submarine purchase with a car purchase ;

After all if one buys a new car, and there is a defect, you take it back to the showroom and ask for a new one. However Zahid refused my suggestion and challenged me to take a dive with the submarine.
Please show of any case in the world where a country with a defective submarine can get a replacement, maybe he is referring to Australia but then he has been mis-informedla as they also cannot get a replacement hahahaha!

At least this time he praises our serviceman including the submariners, but please do not forget your praises of them the next time you want to heap scorn on our military purchases and operationality.

Edited : In case anybody wants proof of the dive itself, the photo sequence is right here at Mymil forum courtesy of forumer Standupper.


Anonymous said...

"After all if one buys a new car, and there is a defect, you take it back to the showroom and ask for a new one" - YAB LGE

bloddy'ell mate. if such things do practice here, then malaysian will be having a new car each year!!!

i thought aaa, once a new car is registered with JPJ aaa, it cannot be ganti-ganti ma as simple as YAB LGE said. 'ave to keep on sending it to the manufacturer service centre for repair. F.O.C


Anonymous said...

Namanya pun pembangkang, bangkang tak habis-habis. Benda betulpun tak ada kejujuran untuk akui.