Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Appreciating The Past

It is now obvious the effects on the lost generation who had the history subject yanked out of their educational syllabus for whatever reason that was deemed fit at the time. So we now have a generation who are culturally insensitive, unaware of how the serene lifestyle they have now is arrived at, arrogant with their thinking as if all what is achieved is their due and that there is not need for gratitude without realizing that the dues was actually paid by others' sacrifices, in particular the older generation that includes their life or families.

AS such it is always a good effort for us to re-instill the sense of historical appreciation in the younger generation who I personally see as being lost in their learning of History as I experience with my own daughters. History I admit is a very dry subject unless you have really deep interest to study, thus creative efforts must be taken to teach the subject in schools I believe. Thus it was of great interest for me to learn that my elder daughter's school intends to have an Patriotic Event in the Independence month of August, and since I have discussed previously with a local author the possibly of having speakers to come to schools and other institutions of learning so that they can relate their experiences in defending this great nation of ours, I jumped at the chance to offer them the possibly and am glad they have accepted it.

The local author is Mej (B) Nor Ibrahim Bin Sulaiman, the writer of two local military books self-published by him, one of which is the above and when I made arrangements to purchase the books for my community school he mentioned that there is a group of ex-servicemen who are interested to go to ground to relate their experiences so that the young in particular are instilled a sense of appreciation for the nation building history of the nation. Mind you that this is an apolitical gesture so please get that thought out of your mind.Not beating my own drums but Mejar commented that he would like to see more people donate more books like his to the local institutions of learning so that more can get the chance to learn what has transpired in the past.So do give this a thought will you. Thanks!

Anyway I am glad to note that I have been referred by the Mejar to contact two PGB awardees Mej Datuk Salehuddin PGB and Lt-Kol Basri PGB and will be making arrangements for their appearance in due course. Mej Datuk Salehuddin PGB story is included in the book as posted here and you can read one of the many exploits of Lt-Kol Basri here. I should be able to post a report of the event here once it is held InsyaAllah.

I end again with my appeal for you to consider how to consider you can support similar efforts for your community. To me the simplest way is for you to purchase the Mejar's or other local historian books that has been published and donate it to the school libraries or similar institutions. If you would like to have speakers for the re-telling, do contact Mejar so that he can refer suitable speakers for your location at his blog Jottings of Xnuripilot. May your efforts be blessed.

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