Tuesday, October 29, 2013

SGPV/LCS Preliminary Confirmed Specifications

Just to add to the informed discussion on the SGPV/LCS, I post here the officially announced systems that has been identified, based on the LOA announcements and identified from press releases.

Artist Illustration credit to Azim09 @ mymil

Displacement: ??? tons standard, ??? tons full load
Dimensions: ??? m x ??? m x ??? m
Guns: 1x 57mm Bofors Mk 3 naval guns in stealth Cupola DP, 2x 30/75mm MSI model unknown.
Missile: ???
ASW: ???
Electronics: DCNS SETIS Combat Management System, Combined Integrated Communication System and Communications ESM system, OSI Integrated Navigation and Tactical Systems (INTS), Rheinmetall TMX/EO Mk2 fire control radars, Rheinmetall TMEO Mk2  electro-optical systems , Thales Nederland B.V SMART-S surveillance radar system ,Thales CAPTAS towed array sonar, Polyamp Advanced Degaussing Systems, ???? navigation radar, ??? ECM systems, ??? decoy chaff launcher system,??? Decoys, Link ???.
Propulsion: ???, ??? propellers
Speed: ??? knots, range ??? at ??? knots
Crew : ???
Aircraft: ????, Hangar platform aft.

note : OSI INTS purchase has not been officially announced by BHIC but by OSI instead. ===> media release

As you can see, there are still so many systems yet to be decided like the propulsion, missiles and ASW systems. The RM2.825 billion systems purchase can we safely say only amounts to the purchase price of only less than half of the equipment required under the overall RM9 billion contract amount at this stage?

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