Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Finally The NGOs Are Getting Into The Act

Many believed that the world navies' combat submarines are the most suitable to conduct the search for MH370 wreckage. Believe me they are not. Never mind let them live with their delusions. There is now good news, finally the most suitable submersibles to conduct such deep sea searches are being readied pending identification of the most suitable search area according to this news report by the Telegraph UK. Three ABYSS deep sea search submarines which can dive to depths of 6,000 metres and stay submerged for up to 24 hours will be deployed by German and and American oceanographers from the Helmholtz Oceanography Institute and Woods Hole Institute once wreckage of flight MH370 is sighted. 

Peter Herzig, centre, and Klas Lackschewitz stand behind the German 'Abyss' Photo: Carsten Rehder/EPA
The ABYSS submarine, which is equipped with special sensors, cameras and an ultra sensitive Sonar system, resembles a torpedo and is painted yellow to make it easier to identify. The submarine's comparatively small size means that it can be flown in for deployment. In the spring of 2011, the three submarines were used successfully to track down the wreckage of the lost Air France flight 447 Airbus passenger plane which disappeared without trace over the Atlantic in 2009 with 228 passengers on board. 

I can only hope that this is only the first of many future NGOs that will join the search effort complementing the Navies'own assets that are being deployed to the operations. Good Luck!

Edited 1430H 25/March/2014.

Mini submarine Bathysaurus XL is able to dive to extreme depths of up to 6,000 meters.
Argus Remote System built the mini submarine and its holding company Swire Seabed. If needed, they are ready to send submarine to fly to Australia to assist in the search for the missing aircraft from Malaysia Airlines.


Unfortunately it only came out in an Norwegian articles here but it seems another deep sea recovery organisation that was involved in the AF447 search has also offered their assistance. At this time, any offer including the offer by Swire Seabed Mr. Frode Gaupås, who is operations director at Swire Seabed , who said "We are ready to join the search if we are asked about it". The Bergen-based company Swire Seabed AS owns one of the few mini submarine that can dive to 6,000 meters and thus can be used for this type of mission.We are ready to send it down on a cargo plane to Australia. said Gaupås. (From the translated article) In this time of need, methinks its best we take up on any such offer given to us don't you think.

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Let's hope that the black box could be recovered and shed some light to what really happened.