Thursday, July 2, 2009

Anti Air Warfare Readiness Proven

My fellow forumer in Cari, Standupper posted a Bernama report on the successful anti air missile strike by KD Laksamana Hang Nadim using her Aspide missile against a target being towed by a Lear Jet. The interesting part of the report is that missile firing test was not conducted during the bigger Taming Sari or Kerismas naval exercises that normally features such an event, but during routine weekly operational exercise "Perang Pangkor". This is not only as a cost saving exercise but is in line with the operational concept of the navy's combat assets, that is fully trained and ready to be mobilised when required. The success of this exercise also proves that the RMN fleet is ever ready to face any threats, especially in anti air warfare, one of the four dimensions of naval warfare now and strengthens the competency level and combat readiness of the fleet to handle any conflicts in our national waters.

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