Monday, July 27, 2009

Second Phase Sea Trials For Tun Razak

Recently, only news on KD Tun Abdul Rahman has dominated the local news. According to this Spanish news release, The second Malaysian Scorpene Submarine, Tun Razak, has now been returned to the water after being dry-docked for two months. It is expected that she will continue with her second phase of sea trials early next month that will continue until early October. The official handing over ceremony of the submarine to the Royal Malaysian Navy is reportedly planned for the end of October.

Navantia began sea trials in waters off Cartagena of the second Scorpene submarine that the consortium formed by the French company DCNS and NAVANTIA is building for the Royal Malaysian Navy, and which had been christened ‘Tun Razak’.

The aim of this sortie was to commence checks on the operation of the different equipment that has been installed on the submarine. This first phase of trials will last until the end of April.

After a subsequent period of approximately 3 months during which the submarine will be in dry dock for routine maintenance work, the second phase of sea trials will be performed until October 25 of this year, the date scheduled for delivery of the Tun Razak to the Royal Malaysian Navy
Based on the earlier report above, it seems that the second Scorpene progress is going well and is on schedule. In this case it may be possible Tun Razak will taste the salty waters of our nation before the end of the year instead of March 2010 as initially expected. Looks like this year seems to be a busy year of inducting new assets to the fleet for the navy, with the commissioning of two Kedah class patrol vessels and the submarines.


hantulaut said...

A 2nd submarine will be homebound by end of this month?

If the 1st sub required 7 foreign engineers to ensure a safe return, how many would you think will be onboard for the 2nd?

RM40 million for one submarine as annual routine maintenance to validate the warranty?...fuh that will be a big drain in the navy's budget. Expect we will have to pay more for taxes.

What's the name of this 2nd sub?
KD Tun Razak or KD Tun Razak Baginda.

Anonymous said...

kau ni boringlah hantulaut
baik kau jadi rakyat negara lainlah
semua nak bangkang
bila satu peralatan keselamatan tu boleh digunakan utk keselamatan dan kedaulatan negara, kenapa kita nak bangkang je, inikan negara kita
kalau kau dah boring duduk malaysia, kau cari negara lain duduk sana sampai bila-bila
kalau kau tak puas hati kat negara lain, kau boleh dtg ke malaysia tp sbg pelanconglah
jangan lupa pegi JPN cepat-cepat utk tukar kerakyatan
hantulaut, org yg tak patriotik mcm kau melambak dah
berambuslah kau dr malaysia