Tuesday, October 19, 2010

MRSS Where Art Thou?

The SGPV LCS program has now been given a new breathe of life. Now awaiting for the day when the fire will be lit for the more pressing MPSS/MRSS logistics ships. They don't have to be flush decked mini carriers as many are dreaming of below :

Pictures Courtesy Of Standupper from MYMIL

It will be good enough if the Navy can get their hands on any new designed LPD's though as we really don't need any flatdecks at this stage methinks. A two helipad ship should be enough. Just get going on replacing the Ex-Inderapura as the two remaining aging logistic ships surely cannot last the pace if nothing is done quickly. The LPD image shown at the backdrop during the PM's opening of NGV Tech's Bagan Datoh's shipyard looks good enough.

Especially since we won't be needing the new frigates anytime soon. This can be deferred to another date since the SGPVs will be combat capable and can be strike units on their own, thus alleviating the need for the larger strike combatants for the immediate future. So please use any funds available for the MPSS/MRSS instead. But we won't be complaining if the Government surprises all of us by granting all these wishlist items eh?

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