Thursday, October 21, 2010

Praises For Being Fair To The Fairer Sex

A bit dated but it is good to hear praises for our national policies once in a while from foreigners.

Indian Navy can learn from Malaysian Navy on having women officers onboard.

PORT BLAIR: Still not ready to have women officers on board, the Indian Navy can take a hint from the Royal Malaysian Navy which has Lieutenant Farah-al-Habshi onboard a warship here for Exercise Milan, a multinational exercise witnessing the participation of 13 navies of the Asia-Pacific region.

The above is just a sample of the news coverage in India. At least we showed that in the Malaysian service, the glass ceiling may be set a little higher or does not exist at all.


Snuze said...

We are keen to praise others, but refuse to see that we, too, have things that others will praise.

Thank you for sharing.

Api said...

Nama dia Lt Farah. Deputy W&E Officer on KD PERAK.