Sunday, May 22, 2011

Perkasa FPB With Missile

A reader had asked me if there are pictures of the Perkasa class with missiles. To meet his request, I upload these photos including one showing the wire-guided SS12 missile being fired.

Say Hi To The Missile Box

It Seems the Navy experimented with the configuration, mixed with torpedoes as above, AND

fully loaded as above

and above a rare photo of the missile being fired.

So I hope the photos will shed some light on this matter.


F said...

mumuchi - thank you!! It's always nice to see pics of the Perkasa class, especially ones with the SS-11 which I have never seen before. It seems during trials they discovered that when turning at high speeds, the hull had a tendency to almost roll over. This problem was rectified by finding horizontal stabilisers near the rudder. It a shame they didn't preserve one of the Perkasa's.

Do you know which local shipyard built the 9 RCP's that were operated in Sarawak?

Also, do you happen to know the names of the first Captains of KD Hang Tuah and KD Rahmat? I suspect that like the Sabah/Kris class and the ex-RN Ton class, the first captain of the Hang Tuah may have been an RN or an RAN officer on loan.

bob villa said...

i always wonder what those boxes was for ?,i thought it was life raft or survival raft. thanks for the info mumuci

mumuchi said...

i believe the RCP's were built by HLLS in Penang. Sorry I am not ex-navy, so no idea about commissioned men bar one.

Ahmad Izzuddin said...
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mumuchi said...

Ahmad Izzudin. are trying to make a joke or are trying to be too clever that you became the opposite?

Kiew said...

Also, do you happen to know the names of the first Captains of KD Hang Tuah and KD Rahmat?

The first captain of the Hang Tuah (Ex HMS Loch Insh)was Commander Mann (maybe an RN or an RAN officer on loan.
Since KD Rahmat was delayed for several years in UK - she had many CO before sailing to Malaysia.
The captain that brought KD Rahmat back to Malaysia was Commander M.W. Alivsse(RMN)
I was one of the crew that sailed back with KD Rahmat from UK to Malaysia in late 1972.

Kiew said...


mumuchi said...

Mr Kiew, have you looked up this blog (Utuh Paloi Banjar Blog) who I believe may have been your crew mate on the Rahmat. Maybe you can hook up with more of your mates through his blog as he seems to be keeping in touch with quite a few ex-crewman.

Another I know as a forum mate could be a radar plotter who also actively blog in by the name of Mr Hamzah.

Good luck hooking up!

Bernard said...

Appreciating photos of the Perkasa Class MTBS < Handalan, Pendekar & Gembita > be posted as it appears there are not many being made available over the years. These 50 knots plus MTBs must had been a challenge to the RMN fleet.

thayabimbi said...

I am Commander (rtd) Thayaparan good to see the missile firings from the FPBs. I had the honor to be FPB 11 and in command during the firing.
The firing was nearly aborted becos of a technical problem, and lo and behold a seaman officer Sub-Lieutant Ungku Chafik solved the problem!! You can check this out!! Anyone knows the whereabouts of CERA Ronnie ong,he did abrilliant Rover change at sea!!

F said...

Commander Thayaparan,

Were the Perkasa ever deployed to Labuan? I'm always been curious why they were operated for only a brief period, was it due to the high costs of running the turbines?

Thank you - Fariz.

Anonymous said...

The Perkasa class FPB's were made by Vosper in Portsmouth UK.