Monday, May 9, 2011

Sempang Air Base To Be A Thing Of The Past

Sempang? Where's that you may ask? As I understand it this was the old name for the Sungei Besi Air Base and the base itself may follow the name into the pits of forgotten history if this article is any indication. After a slow start, it seems that by the end of the year the Air Base will no longer be around. Read it here.

The only mystery to me is that why the base will not be replaced or relocated elsewhere and how they will ensure 'strategic' assets can be maintained in such a developed area.

He revealed that 1MDB would not have to rebuild a new air base for the RMAF but “we are committed to helping them maintain national security requirements”.

“Air force functionality needs to be there, for example, the national radar system. It is too sensitive for me to say how but the principle we are following is that none of the functions will be removed,” he added.


F said...

mumuchi, have you seen any photos of the Perkasa class fitted with SS11 missiles? Do you know why the class was operated for such a short period?

xairlinepilot said...

Dear all,

It's such a sad news that WMKF will be no more there in the name of development.

Even if there's a plan to relocated elsewhere.. it would not be the same.

A nostalgic to a few.. those who used to be based there, TUDM and also RSFC members and PPL students.

Sayonara to WMKF, Sempang, Sg Besi Airport or whatever names it used to be.


mumuchi said...

F..i have the pictures but for easy reference maybe this malaysian scale modelling would be good for you.

Satu sebab yang saya dengar ialah gas turbine digunakan mahal dan rumit digunakan. Sampai sekarang macam dah jadi fobia pulak utk digunakan. Wallahualam.

mumuchi said...

lupalak..nak tengok misil tu..last saya pergi ada dipamirkan di muzium TLDM melaka.

shahpaskal said...


Airbase Sg Besi akan dipindah berhampiran KLIA. Sendayan cuma sekolah latihan sahaja dan tidak ada runaway untuk aircraft landing. Den pun masih tengah korek maklumat. Ada satu lagi pengkalan TUDM sedang dibina di Pahang, maklumat tersebut bagaimanapun masih lagi dirahsiakan dari saya.