Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RMN Gowind LCS Ver 1.0

Making a low key appearance at the DSA 2012 is this model of the Royal Malaysian Navy's Gowind LCS model hidden in the open at Boustead's pavillion, so much so if you are not looking for it you may miss it. We were made to understand by the attending staff that this is the basic hull design currently approved while awaiting for the agreement to be made for the systems to be installed. As such it can be considered as model 1.0 as the hull may be further refined based on the final systems installation. Nonetheless we understand that the project is on track for first steel to be cut in early 2013.

Port and Starboard View of the Model

Current Specifications

A-Gun and VLS Cell positions

Proposed Mast Complex

Proposed payload location

Flushed Side Configuration

Deployed Side Configuration

Stern with Helipad and Hangar.

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