Wednesday, April 18, 2012

The RMN's Training Ship

I was a little disappointed that I could not find NGV Tech booth during the DSA 2012 and looking at the show directory, they do not seem to be present anyway. I wanted to ask on the development of the RMN's training ship but lucky enough at the Korean DSME booth, there was a small model display and the DSME chap was able to attend to me. He informed that the project is on schedule and also answered that the ship will not have any hangar, as what someone mentioned to me before. In addition, we were advised that DSME was not allowed to display a model of their proposed MRSS, which to me indicated that the project is still much alive and maybe pending a greenlight before it can be made public.

Looking at the photographs of the model below, it does remind you of the Kedah class OPVs yes.


bob villa said...

bro ,verbally did he say the tonnage or is it similar to the Dokdo configuration.

mumuchi said...

I didn't ask since he said he cannot disclose anything about the MRSS. Sorry.