Monday, June 3, 2013

Answer To Jeng Jeng Jeng!

Yes Mr Anonymous you are absolutely right. The photo of TS Class Samudera in my previous posting is photo-shopped to illustrate the possible equipment that can be additionally fitted. So it is right if the CNO wants several units to be upgraded to replace the FAC units that are decommissioned or elderly. Below is another photo showing the potential of the platform to become a guided missile unit.

Credit to Dewafrost aka Battleship @ MyMil

So if you want many cheap platforms to patrol our seas, this class could be it but don't forget in a real shooting war, the result may be otherwise so we better have a balanced fleet instead.

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Anonymous said...

We already have such surface warfare missile units in the RMN. To get more is not the best use of limited funds.

Now we have to build competence in area air defence and anti-submarine warfare. The most cost effective way:

Turn the Kedah OPV into ASW hulls. Add a variable depth sonar and torpedoes, provide point air defence by adding Mica. Allow them to track foreign submarines while they patrol the EEZ.

Equip the SGPV with Aster instead of Mica.