Wednesday, June 19, 2013

Back To Dazzle Paint ?

It was interesting to read in a Malaysian Military Blog that the researchers in the Malaysian Defence research institute  STRIDE (Science and Technology Research Institute for Defence) researchers has started work on a sea vessel camouflage paint system although it is already known they are working on a similar project for the Malaysia Army.

STRIDE Research On Camouflage Pattern For RMN Boats


This to me seems like a go-back to the World War 1 disruptive pattern paint scheme or dazzle paint employed then. Whether this is a step back or into the future who knows as other national navies has also employed similar scheme either as a poor navy's stealth scheme or supplementary to the stealth design like the Visby corvettes.

In fact, the US Navy has returned to the dazzle paint scheme for their Littoral Combat Ships.

Let's wait and see what STRIDE has in store for the Royal Malaysian Navy then and we may see their ships not in navy grey again.

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