Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Time For You To Make A Stand.

It has become something of a Bolly tragedy for me when certain levels of society has besieged the Police Force for taking out elements of the underworld, with families and their lawyers and opportunists not limited to politicos claiming they are not members of secret societies, when it is clear they were given a grand send-off by their gangster brethren and actually have criminal records themselves.

So is it any wonder that these criminal elements has become so emboldened that they have resorted to vandalising police stations and police bases with their gang's symbolism, presumably as a form of intimidation that they have 'backers' who will condone and 'protect' their actions that they feel may be fit to regain their "honour" after key members of their society were eliminated.


It is time for us the Public to make a stand and show our support for our security forces. Previously they were criticised for what was claimed as a side-show or sandiwara in Lahad Datu. Now they are being criticised for making a police drama when they in an attempt to address the increasing crime rates by arresting the alleged criminals responsible unfortunately resulted in a gun battle that the badsters paid for with their lifes. Some are even claiming that the recovered weapons were planted at the scene of the crime. I strongly believe these are the same people who gives scant regards to our traffic laws nowadays and probably other laws too in a contorted belief that these are unjust laws, so it is now justifiable to slam the law enforcers themselves. However one important fact seems to be conveniently ignored by these upstanding members of society (no typo here). These gangsters that they now are so fond of are also targetting respectable society as shown in the photo below.

As I keep repeating myself in other media forums, do not cry crocodile tears and ask for police protection when our nation actually turns into what some nations in Latin America and elsewhere has become. I would rather have a police society than a criminal society, and I support our Security Forces especially the Police to enforce our laws as they see fit. Some bad apples in the barrel do not make the whole lot the same, and you yourself are at fault if you encourage the black sheep actions as there are avenues to make legitimate complaints against the force. However respect them and allow them to become the professional law enforcers that they are, that is my personal stand. You have to decide on that on your own. Only then we can have a civil society again if the right choices are made. Political leanings account for nothing in this case. Frankly.

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Snuze said...

Get rid of the thugs. It is time we should stop feeling afraid in our own country.