Saturday, November 16, 2013

Any Security Threat Is A Threat, PERIOD!

It has been disheartening to watch people on the administration and government trying to downplay the murder and kidnapping case of the Taiwanese couple in Semporna as a not so big security threat. This is supposedly because it is not considered as a military threat because they were allegedly made not by militants or terrorists but common criminals. This is despite the IGP later saying they might be linked to the Abu Sayyaf section. And yes ESSCOM is a big area to secure, but here even with a General Operations Force (GOF) base set up under ESSCOM only about 800 metres away, yet these sort of incidents can still happen, so someone's big behind needs to be given a kick.

Police personnel patrolling the water villas at the resort after the abduction and shooting incident.

What these Little Napoleons just do not seem to realise is that such incidents is a clear and present threat to the nation's security, as it may deprive the nation of earning funds that can be used to purchase the assets needed to protect our sovereignity. In this particular case, this has manifested itself in the Taiwanese Government issuing a travel advisory to Sabah. With Visit Malaysia Year 2014 just a month and bit away, what do you think this will do to the tourist arrivals forecast and the income from tourist spending? No security, no moneylah! Get that through your thick heads will  you!!!!

 Security personnel keep watch at the resort on Pom Pom island in Semporna. Starpix by Normimie Diun

Semporna kidnap: Taiwan issues travel alert on eastern Sabah

TAIPEI: Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs has issued an "orange" travel alert for the eastern coast of Sabah after a Taiwanese man was shot dead and his wife abducted on a resort island there.

The ministry urged the public to avoid travelling to the area unless necessary, the Focus Taiwan website reported.

Under the ministry's four-colour-coded travel advisory system, the "orange" alert is the second highest level.

The 57-year-old Hsu Li-min was shot dead Friday by gunmen while the whereabouts of 58-year-old Chang An-wei was still unclear after she was abducted. The motive for the shooting and abduction was unclear.

Officials of the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in Malaysia arrived in Sabah Friday evening to help with the investigations.
For the chronology of the official statements, please refer  here.

Edited 1711/13 : It seems that the resort owner has more powers than the Security Forces. What Gives


Anonymous said...

"It seems that the resort owner has more powers than the Security Forces.."

Pardon my sarcasm, but I thought over there that is common knowledge?

Other things to consider - when you have a civilian as the Director, chances are the "security aspects" tend to be relegated lower among other competing interests. No surprise the standard reply is "don't speculate" (playing it down as if it is not significant) each and every time.

I got nothing against civilian control over the military, but ESSCOM is an organization set up in response to a security threat, so it should be a security out fit with civil organization providing support. Civil authority can still exercise control through other means. RASCOM was headed by a Military guy and it worked.


p/s Remember when the government proudly announced the appointment of the Director with his vast experienced and qualification in.. Human Resource Development!! Now how is that useful in ESSCOM?

Anonymous said...

Banyak kali terhantuk pon tak tergadah lagi

Anonymous said...

Mumuchi ESSCOM is a huge area. We need a lot of electronic surveillance equipment, men, boats, ships, aeroplane, helicopters and balloons (maybe) to fully monitor those frontiers 24/7. And under the present economy and government loan borrowing structure, we just don't have enough money to commit.

It may take another 20 years = 4 Malaysia Plan before we can have decent (not comprehensive) form of monitoring at ESSCOM.

Anonymous said...

Mumuchi what is your comment about the issue of "White Rajah" highlighted here;