Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Why The Secrecy?

Boustead has announced that it has awarded the torpedo lauching system contract for the SGPV/LCS program as stated in this official announcement. However it has broken the norm from its previous systems awards announcement by keeping the details classified.

I believe this will start a round of speculation as to the reasons why as such torpedo systems are not that many available in the market and their capabilities are known. If this announcement is meant to show that the Navy will not use the existing Lightweigh Torpedo A244S from Whitehead Alenia that are launched from the already in service B-515 system, then it is an upgrade to our ASW capabilities. My personal opinion is that the LCS may be equipped with the Black Shark heavyweight torpedo to maintain commonality as these are already on board our submarines. To me this could be a reason why it is classified as the RMN would be the first navy to select it for their surface ships as far as I know, even though it is the frontrunner for the Indian submarine and destroyer competition.

On the other hand if this program would continue with a lightweight torpedo system flavoured by DCNS using the B-515 system, I guess the Eurotorp MU-90/IMPACT advanced LWT may enter service. This is a mature system already in service with five navies' surface warships but then it begs the question why it needs to be classified. Well I guess that is enough  punditry for now until full disclosure is made by the RMN or the Malaysian Government.

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