Thursday, January 9, 2014

Jumping The Gun?

Some bloggers have posted that the SKN 24 Corvettes will be downgraded based on what was said in a press conference after delivering his New Year Message to the Navy posted below.

From minute 41 it can can be seen that there is a program to install a new optical director for the SKN 24. It seems that with the installation of a new optical director on the Laksamana class corvettes, they are to be downgraded to a FAC-G class vessel. Personally I have my doubts about this but since I was not at the press conference and have not had the time to watch the video I reserve judgement because I feel that this should not have any effect on their guided missile control systems, obsolete it may be. Nonetheless the loss of its ASW capabilities as the systems has been transferred to the SKN 22 vessels as part of the SLEP program is understandable as I was made to understand that operationally the small size of the Laksamana class vessel coupled with the engine location does not allow for an effective ASW process on board.

There has been no news in the mainstream media about this yet so I hope the truth about the actual program will be revealed later.


Anonymous said...

We removed the Otomat and Aspide not just because they are obsolete, but also time expired.

Anonymous said...

aiyaaa frust betol,nape kena downgrade nie???.....sedang indon naik taraf beli destroyer admiral gorskov class+10 advance killo submarine

mumuchi said...

Nothing is confirmed yet. At least NPNT as said by Kerastangan.

Anonymous said...

not all 4 will be FAC (G)

1 still retain all its missile.. the other 3 will be FAC (G)

mumuchi said...

Tks for the feedbacks.

Riz said...

I prefer if we have the budget to
acquire new FAC (M).. Victory Class Corvette may be one of design that could be consider..
High Mast.. ASM.. ASuW..AAM..
Fast..and nice design

Anonymous said...

The SAM and the Typhoon cannon on the Victory class are not halal for us.