Thursday, April 17, 2014

DSA 2014 - Hmmmmm Humbug?

I initially did not want to attend the show this year as I suspected that there is nothing much new that will be on show. Nonetheless a relative asked me to attend as he wanted to ask me for assistance in business networking so I relented and attended on the third day, the first time doing so. It was as I suspected but since it was already at the tail end of the show, nothing much was being announced when I was there.Therefore this time I will just make a pictorial of what captured my attention the most during my brief visit.

The star of the show would surely be the AV8s on show where both the AFV-30 and IFV-25 variant is on show. I was informed that 11 units are now ready to be inducted into the army in the near future as the first delivery.

And from the DEFTECH representative that I met that was premiering their AV6 or actually the rebadged PARS 6x6, I was informed that there will finally be a field testing of 6x6 armoured vehicles in order to fulfil the UNIFIL requirements. No wonder there was a lot 6x6 units being displayed except for a particular brand from a neighbouring country that previously claimed the contract was already awarded to them. Hopefully this will be a nucleus order for the full replacement of the Condor fleet of battle taxis.

The AV6 is currently displayed with the proposed weapon,

25 mm STOP Remote Controlled Stabilized Naval Gun System

The emblem although different from PARS belies its origins, mayhaps now in the form of an ODE to Proton?
Deftech also took the opportunity to showcase their HMMWV in partnership with AM General which a friend informed me was trialed in the north sometime last year.

Also in association with Bell Helicopters, an USMC UH-1Y 'Huey" made an appearance as the solo static helicopter being openly displayed to public although an AW139 was in one of the booths. The Huey was flown all the way from Afghanistan in a C5 and assembled in Subang before being flown in to the PWTC open carpark where it was displayed.

And now lets continue to the eye candies shall we. The local agent for Rotinor's divescooter for use by the Malaysian Special Forces creative costuming of their promoters certainly attracted a lot of visitors to their booth. Hopefully it is accepted into service soon.

It was claimed that the use of the leash would allow a team of 6 to be transported by a single scooter. Interesting right?
And finally don't forget to YUK visit Indo Defence 2014.

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Anonymous said...

of all da weapon systems on display, me like da Huey most.. much suited with me angan-angan.. for PUTD to be equipped with helos like it.. can be use as troop transport.. and also as a gunship

TBJ @ Ber'Uang' :P