Monday, March 28, 2011

AV8- The What If 2

Further to my initial post, my fellow forumer at Mymil Mr Dewafrost had said that in his discussion with DEFTECH's representative during the recent Air Force Open Day in Kuantan, he was informed that there has been a proposal for the AV8's to use Oto Melara's turrets. These are the result of his Photoshopping the available turrets onto the V8 frame.

Oto Melara HITFACT 120mm

Oto Melara HITFIST 25mm

Oto Melara HITFIST 30mm

Meanwhile the photos below are the result of other turrets as suggested by other forumers.

INGWE anti tank missile

INGWE + 50cal turret




And this is another turret from Russia, that even though it looks very utilitarian, is my personal favourite as it can provide three type of lethal treatment. Nonetheless this has not been commercially sold yet but since Malaysia has a track record of being pioneer buyers, why not eh?

AV8 Kliver Turret

Nonetheless to bring back the topic of discussion into serious focus. The posting of the what if photos may seem indulgent bordering on childishness, but the reason I did it is to show the versatility of the platform itself, which if the final design is optimally chosen, can provide a very lethal weaponry combination to an indigenously built fighting platform that nobody should sneer at.


Ahmad H Al-Qadah said...

Assalamu'alaikum mmc,

Nice combo of AV8 Deftech with all those turrets.. (nice photoshop as well).. To have all those fittings for our 8 wheelers would require bigger purchase of AV8 platforms... Lax

mumuchi said...

Mualaikum Salam Lax.

Wah lama tak dengar cerita. Itu bukan saya yang photoshopkan. Dewafrost atau Battleship yang buat.