Monday, March 7, 2011

You Want Transparency? You Got It!

It is too bad the mainstream English papers did not pick this up in their reporting. but the Defence Ministry through the Minister intends to invite the Opposition ,especially the leaders like Mr Lim Guan who usually comments on the defence purchases , to LIMA 2011 so that they verify for themselves the capabilities of the purchased defence equipment. The Minister hopes this will answer all their allegations and they can confirm directly the truth regarding the equipment, including the oft-repeated allegation that the nation's submarine cannot dive or submerge by visiting the submarine itself. Therefore no more such unreasonable allegations should be raised under the immunity of parliament.

So what are you guys waiting for, you always ask for transparency and its now being served to you on a silver platter, don't tell me you are afraid of the chance of being proven right, or more likely wrong? If you don't accept the invitation below, it is concrete evidence that you guys have been talking BS all this while.
Menteri Pertahanan, Datuk Seri Dr Ahmad Zahid Hamidi, berkata beliau sendiri akan mengatur program lawatan Ahli Parlimen pembangkang dengan harapan dapat mengelak pertikaian berhubung kemampuan aset terbabit yang dikhuatiri mewujudkan implikasi negatif terhadap pertahanan dan ketenteraan negara, termasuk dakwaan kononnya kapal selam negara tidak boleh menyelam. “Saya bercadang menjemput Lim Guan Eng melawat LIMA dan secara peribadi nak beliau (Lim) membuat pemeriksaan kapal selam negara. Saya akan mengatur lawatan dan lihat sendiri kapal selam yang didakwa tak boleh menyelam. Saya harap selepas itu tiada lagi persoalan mengenai kemampuan aset ketenteraan diajukan pada sidang Parlimen,” katanya selepas perbarisan kontinjen dan aset Tentera Darat sempena Hari Terbuka Tentera Darat di Dataran Merdeka, semalam.
For those who can and want to read more of this article in Bahasa Malaysia, below is the link :

Parti lawan dibawa lawat LIMA

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