Thursday, March 24, 2011

AV8-The What IF?

As a mental exercise, my fellow forumer at Mymil Mr Dewafrost photoshopped these possible representations of the AV8 variants as a matter of conjecture until the real prototype is revealed by June 2011 as expected. At least it may show that what we are buying is a 'ganteng' as the Indonesians say product. He says he based it on the PARS brochure he received during DSA2010 above.

The One Man Turret Variant

The Two Man Variant

Meanwhile the following variants has not been announced but is part of the wishlist that we forumers would like to see developed.

A 105mm Tank Destroyer Version, using the Rooikat turret

A Light Air Defence variant, using the LAV-AD turret.

Remember these are representations and expectations based on available open source information, and we all hope the actual prototype will exceed these expectations.

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