Monday, February 21, 2011

Another MAF Warehouse 13 Item?

One of my younger forum mates was saying that he overheard his father's army mates reminiscing their days as the Super Energa squad. The forumer could not identify the weapon until we helped him out and identified it as the HEAT-RFL-75 Super Energa grenade and the wow factor kicked in. Even the older forumers like me always thought the start of the man-portable recoilless rocket antitank weapon era in the Malaysian Armed Forces was with the Carl Gustav as the pioneering weapon in the inventory. Further discussions revealed that such anti tank teams may have already been in place since the sixties, long before any visible threats with tanks became a reality in the region. That would be a credible evidence that our nation truly has a professional armed forces with the foresight to identify true threats to the nations. even when others may not As such the shoddy treatment they seem to be getting from certain quarters through no fault of theirs is truly non deserving to our men.


bob villa said...

interesting gem of info about our old school warriors. Harap sapa-sapa yang ada gambar sejata ini, dalam collection sendiri boleh lah share-share

Mohamad Taufan Mohd Yassin said...

Mungkin sebahagian pakej perolehan sistem Raifel FN FAL, raifel utama ATM sebelum M16.