Monday, February 7, 2011

While We Ignorantly Complain, Others Praise

It is rare for me to highlight a foreign blogger's post on Malaysian defence matters but this one I feel deserve the mention, as to me sometimes to see an unbiased review of the Malaysian Armed Forces should give fair insight to their capabilities, especially within the concept of HANRUH.

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Senang Diri :Civil Resources in action: Malaysia launches Operasi Piramid (Ops Piramid, Operation Pyramid) to airlift Malaysian citizens from Egypt

The complexity of the operation is clearly defined as follows, despite some of the laymen's and ignoramus belief that it is so easy to evacuate our nationals out of Egypt;

Ops Pyramid demonstrates the ability of Malaysian authorities to rapidly plan, mobilise and deploy civil-military resources for a national effort, at short notice, with no rehearsal and at long range.

That the operation is taking place five time zones, some 7,400 km from its main support area in Kuala Lumpur and demands that flight schedules tie in with Malaysian Armed Forces (Angkatan Tentera Malaysia; ATM) ground support elements in Egypt illustrates the complexity of Ops Pyramid.


Anonymous said...

Perhaps its time to relook seriously at the possibility of acquiring the MRSS. It will most certainly help ease the process and cost of this type of operations. Iam not talking just about being a platform for evacuation, but also as a command ship for anti-piracy, disaster relief etc - all of which is reported here in your blog.

Whats your thought about that?


ben sungib said...

Agree with you mumuchi. Read his post yesterday and is now in the midst of responding to it.

mumuchi said...

Varuna-san, As you know I am a supporter of the project. But We have to be realistic, it all depends on whether the Government can afford to make the purchase or otherwise. Such military procurements when even necessary tends to attract negative comments, politically motivated or otherwise.


Well there is a well known saying that says it all. It is good that you are responding.

zulkifli said...

agreed.. high-time for us to acquire a mini-aircraft carrier (possibly more than one).. incase another similar type of evacuation of Malaysian citizens need to be done in future from trouble sp;ots anywhere in the world. Glad to hear that we are able to manouver our vessel from the gulf of aden.. shows how mighty a small islamic country can do.. plus the continuos flights of military and commercial planes to and fro from jeddah to cairo/iskandariah.. 18 times if i'm not mistaken (correct me if i'm wrong).. the good image by Malaysian Navy Vessel, Fennec Gunship Helicopter is still around and now the Air Force takes their turn in these magnificient herculean job! Bravo Malaysia!

mumuchi said...

zulkifli-san. I don't think we are going for flat-tops, mini or otherwise. Too ambitious in operations and manufacturing. We should be getting LPDs though.