Tuesday, February 15, 2011

A Little History To Give Perspective

Regarding the brouhaha surrounding the current proposed SGPV/LCS project, I would like to give a historical perspective on similar allegations made against such naval projects. The opposition's Major Domo Mr Lim Kit Siang has made similar allegations from at least the 1970s and in fact in a well documented case broke the law and suffered the penalty when he became a political martyr(to the opposition) when he went to the extend of revealing national secrets on the Spica-M or Handalan class fast attack project. Read up on his expose as referred here. Notice anything like similar script being repeated in the various other allegations after that and even now.

The most pertinent fact that I would like to highlight is this statement "as I have decided to such a meeting with the Prime Minister on this." clearly shows that despite claims of Non-transparency they feel comfortable that they would be able to obtain clarifications on such matters from the Government and that it would not be swept under the carpet.

And the most important fact is that despite all the allegations thrown against the Handalan class and its brethren, they have now served for more than 30 years and the rest for a decade at least as the backbone of the Malaysian Navy defence of the nation. Only the Ex Sri Inderapura bought second hand from the United States under the financial stewardship of then UMNO Datuk Seri Anwar Ibrahim has led a checkered life ending in tragedy. Why until now no further investigation is requested into why the ship was bought second hand then after it was revealed that the primary decision maker was the gifted one.

Thus it seems to those who has not learned that the phrase “Those who do not learn from history are doomed to repeat it” is apt for them. Maybe they also want to become political martyrs like their major domo and thus keep repeating this stale piece of history. However history also serves to give a rational perspective to what is current and what is possible in the future. Maybe that is why the gifted one eliminated History as a compulsory lesson when he was the Education Minister and why they are so afraid that History will now be made compulsory. A leader looks at the present but a great leader looks at the past so that he can look at the present and the future. I will not be surprised if more similar allegations are made as long as our Navy ships continue their service with honour.

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