Monday, February 14, 2011

Say Request Clarification But Still Allege Lah

Well the first one admitted his ignorance, so they had to bring out their own defence analyst. So is this still an act of requesting for information, or are they still trying to make fantastic allegations but now supposedly from an expert's mouth? If its the latter make the MACC reportla, don't be so shy! Darn I wish I have their gazing ball, can do more than gazing at navels la, pun fully intended! Especially now too lazy to do more research to counter, especially since these are allegations of things that may happen in the future. How to do that? Again I believe the readers can differentiate the facts if and when they come across the new allegations.

Alas all is not lost as still I learn sumtin new. You can say BS in a nice way by putting it as Taurus Turdu. Must have so much of it that they know such a term.

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