Thursday, February 24, 2011

History Not Taught Becomes Urban Legends?

It is with a little dismay that true stories that occured in the Malaysian Armed Forces seems to become part of the Malaysian Military Urban Legends. Two that I can confirm as facts are firstly the KD Sri Selangor incident during Confrontation that resulted with the death of Able Electric Mechanic Abdul Samad Suliman as stated in the book Tiger Territory: The Untold Story of the Royal Australian Navy in Southeast Asia From 1948-1971

and two, the sinking of KD Sri Perak as aptly remembered by a survivor of the sinking, Pak Mail in his blog Catatan Pak Mail;

Taken from Pak Mail's blog

Until when shall these stories be kept away from the public, so much so the Armed Forces are now considered as unnecessary users of public money punching bag by some and their deeds the stuff of urban legends by others?


PakMail said...

Saudara Mumuchi,

Nampaknya setelah 2 hari entri saudara ini ditulis tiada sesiapa ingin memberi komen. Biarlah saya memberi sedikit komen.

Menjelaskan insiden ini kepada umum seperti juga membuka pekong di dada. TLDM tidak sanggup berhadapan dengan keaiban atas kelemahan mereka. Pegawai2 di dalam ATM khususnya TLDM hanya sibuk dengan urusan bagaimana aku bisa cepat dinaikkan ke pangkat yang lebih tinggi. Mengutamakan kepentingan peribadi mengatasi kepentingan lain.

F said...

The RMN section at the Armed Forces museum at MINDEF had a painting of KD Selangor engaging the Indon boat.

shahpaskal said...

Ini semua urban legend actually was a fact and you can read about the incidents in Muzium Tentera. I dont think the armed forces are trying to hide the facts from the public. Problem is, peristiwa macam ini tidak digembar gemburkan.