Wednesday, October 26, 2011

What Shall We Name This Museum Piece?

Earlier this month the Ex-Quessant Submarine was loaded on board her transport ship and is due to arrive in November 2011. Since she has never been officially inducted into the Malaysian Navy yet she is to be displayed as a museum piece in Malacca, I was wondering if we should rename her when we put her on display. What do you all think? In the meantime, enjoy photographs of her being transported and also her final destination being prepared courtesy of Standupper @ mymil

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Don't Miss Your Chance

I finally had the chance to see the above exhibition in our National Museum and I must say that it is worth the entrance fee. It is not everyday we can see model kits and dioramas depicting events related to Malaysian development from before and after Merdeka, and both civil dan military showcases has done a brilliant job of it.

Though it is officially to end on the 14th October, I believe the exhibition will be extended to the end of the month. So do not miss the opportunity to visit as this is not only about the model displays, but the show case of how Malaysia arrived at where we are. Let the family especially the kits enjoy history in a very unique way, they will love it. I leave you with a selection of photos that I had taken at the showcase, but please go there to enjoy it personally. More photos can be seen at mymil forum.