Saturday, September 5, 2009

A good week for our military

This has been a good week for our military as we received the last of our SU-30 MKM's to complete our first MRCA squadron, the arrival of our first submarine KD Tunku Abdul Rahman in Malaysian waters that was royally welcomed by our Agong and finally a report that says the contract for our CSAR Helicopter EC725 Cougar will finally be signed during the LIMA show this December. This is in addition to additional submarine purchase to be made under the 13th or 14th Malaysian Plan.

Even though the Defence Minister has said that his ministry is asking for a smaller allocation from the next national budget, it shows that capital purchases for Malaysian Defence will not be neglected. In fact there are rumours that the MIG-29N replacement aircraft purchase will be announced during the LIMA show, that will be break the mould in the type of aircraft and the numbers purchase. Befitting the fact that our new Armed Forces Chief is now from the RMAF isn't it?


Pelayar Di Ufuk Jauh said...


harap2 nya masa LIMA nanti kerajaan dapat membeli sistem pertahanan dan persenjataan yg sofistikated agar sesuai dengan zamam ini. dan jgn Lupa untuk menggantikan pesawat Nuri serta beberapa FAC milik TLDM.

Saya merasa hairan kenapa semasa era konfrontasi dan komunis,Malaysia merupakan negara di Asia Tenggara yg mempunyai sistem pertahanan yg canggih pada ms itu (cth:pembelian pesawat sabre a.k.a tebuan) dimana negara2 sekeliling belum mampu untuk memilikinya. Tetapi selepas tamatnya kedua2 era tersebut, pembangunan pertahanan kita seolah2terbantut dan menyebabkan Singapore mendahului kita.

Sampai sekarang saya masih lagi tertanya2 mengapa Kerajaan mambatalkan pembelian pesawat fighter bomber Panavia Tornado 20 thn dahulu yang terbukti keampuhannya walaupun semasa operasi Iraqi-Freedom 2001-2003.

(ape yg aku membebel ni..??)

Anonymous said...

I didn't know that apart from the arrival of the Scorpene, our last few Flankers have already been delivered. Which is good news for RMAF.

And our new Armed Forces Chief is from the RMAF? Good grief, I hope there'll be less political disturbance for our Armed Forces from now on.

Anonymous said...

Paling canggih? Check out what the Thais and the Indo had at that time!

Fadly said...

RTAF have their first Jet aircraft, T-33 Shooting Star in 1955, they operated supersonic F-5B 3 years before we received our first charity korean war vintage Avon Sabre from australia. TUDM only succesfully keep up with the rest in 1995 when we received our MIG-29N.

Anonymous said...

It good to hear something good for the betterment of our armed forces proceument. hopefully here will be no issues if govtmake any decision to buy anymil equipment. We felt regret when govt decided to hold EC 725 proceument, we know that we really needit...but why we make an issue. its wondering me..we asmalaysian must support the gvt in enhancing our mil capabilities..


areguard said...

There is rumours in the mill that the Sewdeish government offering to trade-off the Migs and the Hawks for 24 Gripen-Erieye combo. I hope something good will come out from LIMA for our RMAF, losing 16 front-line highly capable combat aircrafts will meant only 8 Hornets and 18 su30 (not fully deployed) to defend Malaysian airspace