Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Finally Some News On AV8 Progress

Denel of South Africa had announced that they had signed a contract to supply turrets and integrated weapon systems to be fitted on the AV8.

This means that out of the 257 initial units, 123 units are the Armoured Fighting Vehicles(AFVs) with two man 30mm or 30mm/ATGW turret variants while 54 are the Armoured Command Vehicle/AFVs/AFV-Surveillance/Armoured Vehicle Signal and Armoured Engineer NBC Reconnaissance Vehicle that are fitted with RCW system as stated below.

As such of the remaining 80 units, it remains to be seen how many will be the 25mm armed AFV and 120 mm mortar armed Armoured Mortar Carriers in addition to the rest of the support variants of the AV8. With about half of the units are to be well armed with 30mm cannons, it now seems justified for the Army to have requested to have 12 variants of the AV8 to be produced despite initial public misgivings.


Anonymous said...

Salam, tak 'terhidu' apa-apa ke OSTEX 2012 baru habis.


chrom said...

I am not sure why we still need the 25 mm single man turret. If firepower that we need, for me, it is better if those 25 mm gun be replace with 20 mm from Giat.

I think 25 mm is outdated to puncture the frontal arc of any modern IFV anyway, plus if 20 mm is enough to kill any APC from any angle and IFV from any side except the front, why we have to go for 25 mm when 20 will do? Or 40mm AGL perhaps?

This will serve as a cheaper option if money is a problem behind the decision to equip the 25 mm guns. In my opinion, 25 mm is too small for anti armor and too large for anti personnel. Besides, two men turret is better than one man turret.