Monday, December 5, 2011

No New Idea Ma?

Again so called experts are asking questions about the Navy's submarine purchase in order to bring it into disrepute.

This is in a dated article from another supposedly naval procurement expert which I initially do not want to comment about; Our Third Submarine Stirs Up Muddy Waters, but if an Old Salt commented with rational reasons in response is something that I should highlight here.

Masih Isu Kapal Selam

While I am it might as well post here some comebacks by my erstwhile forum colleague Mr. Alphawolf, the owner of Firebase Alpha-Kyron blog, made in Mymil forum :

So, selain flogging a dead horse (takleh menyelam etc) ada lagi benda cuba diisukan...

Tapi aku suka part ni
- Agosta class JV DCNS dengan 'Agosta'....tahun 70an mana ada JV sangat...dah la tu tak wujud shipyard nama Agosta. Spanish punya Agosta cumalah licence-built

Analogi Ouessant dengan Proton Saga
- Hah, even belajar memandu pun pakai Kancil lama (zaman aku dulu pakai Nissan 120Y lagi!). Pasal rega tu wa tak pasti, tapi kalau tak salah wa France bagi free? Dan analogi muzium = reban ayam. Aku tak tau la, ada ke orang bukak reban ayam untuk lawatan?

Agosta jadi sweetener = analogi aku ...kalau kita beli BMW 320i, lepas tu ada faults, instead of repairing FOC, we get an older model of a Beemer to appease us...

Beli if kalau beli Scorpene fully armed harga sama dengan 'kosong'. Dah la tu, weapons contractor asing dari shipyard...

'envy sebab ada 3 exhibit'? Setakat 3 sub aje sape nak envy...kat US ada 2-3 biji carrier, 2-3 biji battleship, berbiji2 smaller combatants.....

Anyone for dead horse meat? But not in the form of a submarine museum piece la.

By the way, this was never our so-called third submarine, only an ex-French Navy submarine re-activated by a third party to be used as a training submarine for Malaysian Submariners that was deactivated again and finally donated to us as a museum piece. And even if it is donated, we still have to sign a transfer of ownershipla, why you think that this means we purchased it. Do your research properlyla, again I remind you.

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