Sunday, December 18, 2011

Useful What?

For those wondering why we need the submarines, or for that matter other armaments during PEACE TIME, well here is one for the submarines are good for.

Submarines Help Complete Malaysia's Hydrographic Charts

December 08, 2011 22:30 PM
LANGKAWI, Dec 8 (Bernama) -- The addition of two Scorpene submarines in the Royal Malaysian Navy (RMN) assisted in the completion of hydrographic and nautical charts of the country's coasts, said RMN chief Admiral Tan Sri Abdul Aziz Jaafar.

"Our hydrographic chart is already at 100 per cent and this success can also be attributed to the Malaysian Marine Department and National Hydrographic Centre in Pulau Indah, Selangor.

"The process could be expedited and completed as the submarines were equipped with a sophisticated sonar system, among others," he told reporters at the Awana Porto Malai jetty during the Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition 2011 (LIMA '11) here Thursday.

Abdul Aziz said the RMN also planned to have a fleet of six submarines.

LIMA's air display segment is held at the Mahsuri International Exhibition Centre while the maritime segment is at the Awana Porto Malai.

The five-day exhibition ends on Saturday.

Well if you do not think this is important, ask the fisherman and the sailors who brings the majority of stuff you use in your household what they think?


bob villa said...

more important now we know where other sub may lurk, and how to set an underwater trap, cannot wait for war to learn this things..

Also must submariner, so we must have first hand knowledge , cannot wait for war, and then start a submarine force.

It will be like trying to learn swimming, while you are drowning.
Any idiot will tell it's not a good idea.

hobbit1964 said...

The situation here, my old friend, is that many Malaysians have now become pseudo-intellectuals who judge the military while never having served a day in discomfort as a soldier, their analytical prowess being built along the pages of, for instance, Malaysia Today, and the like.

After more than a year of swiping at the RMN on a submarine that cannot sink, none of these political blogsites covered Rt Hon Lim Guan Eng's own experience underwater in the very sub they said could not submerge.

The truth is, the RMN recognised the need for subs as far back as the 80s. A submarine is a force multiplier of surface ships, and we can never claim to be a true blue-water navy till we can manouvre surface as well as sub-surface assets, any more than the air force can claim to control the airspace till we own EWACS as well as other air assets to fully exploit the third dimension.

And finally, the smarty pants who keep harping on "whom are we gonna go to war with anyway?" are overlooking the fact that armed forces are no longer constructed along the juvenile lines of mere threat bases, but are trained to serve on being capability-driven.

They forget that our men have died not just for them, but for many others as our soldiers contribute to WORLD peace and are in demand by the UN for that very purpose.

To quote Ebenezer, I say, "Bah!! Humbug!!"

Snuze said...

I am in agreement with all of the comments above.

A well-equipped armed forces is a marvellous and underrated deterrent. Not to mention that the changing globalised world means that new threats may come from unprecedented sources and we must anticipate their moves before they make it.

All those who think that there is no need for a strong military, should go and visit our neighbours and make a swing by at their military installations. They are ever ready and armed to the teeth. Should we do any less?

ikansadinmknorang said...

the importance of charting our waters cant be denied...

as seafarers ever since rely on charts...surveyed and published by British Admiralty...having a charts from our own are most welcomed...

noted that...most of the BA charts available in the markets are up to date...and they are fairly accurate...but the same goes with MAL charts...its getting by day...

looking forward to see our charts are also incorporated under the International Hydrographic Office seals...and readily available for us mariners and seafarers...

but then...gone the days where charts are made of paper...for now electronic charts are making center stage in shipping nowadays...