Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What Can We Read Into This?

Boeing F/A 18 E/F : Credit Boeing

Since there is no English version of this statement, I append herewith an extract in Malay of the Defence Minister's comment on the Super Hornet's proposed purchase.
Sementara itu, katanya, kerajaan masih belum memuktamadkan pembelian dua model pesawat tempur pelbagai guna (MRCA), FA-18 E Super Hornet dan FA-18 F Super Hornet bertujuan menggantikan pesawat lama, MIF-29 N yang akan ditamatkan operasinya secara berperingkat menjelang 2015. “Walaupun pembelian pesawat baru itu bersifat strategik, namun kajian terperinci perlu dilakukan, termasuk mengambil kira implikasinya terhadap belanjawan kerajaan kerana ia membabitkan perbelanjaan tinggi,” katanya. - Berita Harian

I read into this that the consideration now is to have the Super Hornet F/A-18 E to replace our MIG-29Ns and the F version will replace/complement the existing F/A-18 Ds. This would mean other contenders like the Gripen has now fallen on the wayside. If my interpretation proves correct, this would actually be good for the Air Force as it minimises our MRCA types while still adhering to dual-sourcing concept. Let's just wait and see, shall we. In the meantime, what do you think?


shahpaskal said...

my source in defence industry is very confidence that the government will purchase the Super Hornet. We are among the most important US trading partner, they bought so much from us. So in return, we buy defence products from US. As the world superpower and leading samseng, I call the purchase as "bayaran ufti" to US.

garda said...

Why not consider surplus F/A-18D from the USN? With the same amount of money allocated for Super Hornet, we might buy more Hornet to supplement the existing fleet.

mumuchi said...

I have heard similar comments from others to buy surplus F/A18-Ds from the USN/Marines. But counter responses that I have heard also is that such aircraft does not exist due to American service requirements.
And even if they are available, the airfames are BER or overused.

Anyway I believe there is a stance not to repeat the same mistakes with the A-4 projects. So such ideas may have been rejected outright.