Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Aiyoo Your Propaganda Not Workingla!

Well the articles on Shamsiah Fakeh supposedly heroineism that I posted about got me wondering if there were pinkos within The Star newspaper but since the paper posted some rebuttals, at least it reassured me that sane and rational Malaysian are still out there who remembers the difference between pinkos and reds and citizens.

One of the letters that succinctly puts the point across :

Sunday June 1, 2008
Nationalist or terrorist?

I REFER to the article To exile and back again (People, StarMag, May 25) by Martin Vengadesan.

Shamsiah Fakeh was one of the enlightened rakyat caught in the “historical
accidents” of our country. We have to look at what role she played at the
material time. She could have been a “nationalist” fighting the imperialists in
one situation, or an “enemy” of the country in another.

In her case, she continued with the armed struggle as a member of the
outlawed communist Party of Malaya even after we gained our independence in
1957. So rightly we continued to label her a “terrorist” because she committed
crimes, taking part in ambushes and killing our soldiers. She was a criminal.
Realising that it was fighting a losing battle, the CPM leadership retreated to
China. Then disillusionment set in. The CPM consequently allowed top Malay CPM leaders to go back to Malaysia. Musa Ahmad, the chairman of CPM, was the first to be allowed to come back. Shamsiah followed later.

While I admire and respect her struggle for the sake of the country, I cannot
find a good reason to forgive her for her crimes against the country. She is
very lucky that the country she loves has forgiven her for these crimes.
Notwithstanding what is stated here, one fact is clear: Shamsiah is a special
Malay woman caught in the "historical accidents” of our country. But she will be labelled a terrorist forever....

Hang Jebat, Kuala Lumpur

While this letter is quite blunt in his opinion..

Sunday June 1, 2008

Communists not welcome

THE right place for an old communist lady to live out her life is Cuba or North Korea, not Malaysia. What would have happened if the communists had won in Malaysia like in Vietnam? Slaughter, underdevelopment, poverty, education camps, gulag-style?Isn't it true that in Sitiawan, Perak, the communists killed a lot of innocent people? I might be wrong but, sorry, but no mercy for the old communist leaders.They have caused too much harm to the free world and innocent people.

Herve, Kuala Lumpur

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