Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Please Don't Invade Us, We Only Have Pink Bereted Commandos

You don't need weapons you say?

I saw this graffiti yesterday protesting a military hardware exhibition that was held in early April. What gets my goat is the message that literally translates to that we do not need weapons. So what are we supposed to defend ourselves in the time of war, though God Forbids that hopefully will not happen, but in this time of uncertainty of energy and food crisises who is to say that an invading force will not attack us. Malaysia has already had her fair share of foreign powers colonising her for her natural resources and as recently as 1941, that was just the excuse that Japan used to invade not only Malaysia but most of Asia to secure her food and material requirements. We also now have a Member of Parliament bringing to the parliamentary session his supposedly displeasure of the harsh treatment our commando candidates go through in their training session. Hello this is commando training that is not only voluntary but also is widely known to be the harshest that will be ever be faced by volunteer yep volunteers that signed up for the course. This is not some fresh faced greenhorn out of school entering boot camp although that training is hard enough as it is, but men and women who feels they have the right stuff to gradute and wear the green beret. Either this MP did not do his job when he was a Parliamentary Secretary when he was with the ruling party or he is a close one eye chap who now only has opened his eyes in order to create controversies in order to gain some cheap publicity. Otherwise he would know our commandoes wear green berets, not pink and will welcome any threat to the nation with an iron fist well clad in the latest military hardware we can afford, and not a bouquet of flowers as you yellow bellied pinko wannabes would like to do. Sheesh!

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