Wednesday, January 14, 2009

So Is This A Waste of Public Funds You Say?

This is especially meant for those who had gleefully posted on the net about how wasteful it is to send a unit of our ceremonial guards to UK, supposedly just to be some sort of security guard without understanding the prestige and promotion it gives to the country at one of the premier tourist events in the world. First thing first, the article below shows that the unit is not going there to offer some indon or bangla type security service, but participating in a marching spectacle that is world reknowned that attracts so many people to watch it. (These people are the one you see in the first picture la!) Think of the Merdeka Tattoo event we had last year and you can get a feel of what the attraction is all about. So if you can think beyond your hatred and mindset that everything the present government is doing is 'wasteful' of the Rakyat money, then consider what is the value of the RM1.9 million charge for the privilege of participating in an event that is by invitation only, that provides more return, both visible and invisible than any promotion event of equivalent cost. If you can add it all up, if participating in this event attracts 10,000 extra tourists to Malaysia yearly who spend RM1000 each, how much is the returns does the country get? We can get better returns that participating in any Tourist exposition overseas lah! So don't shoot your mouth off if you do not understand whatever it is you want to comment on.

Wednesday April 30, 2008
Proud day for Malay regiment

WINDSOR (England): In a rare brush with British royalty, the Royal Malay Regiment had the honour of performing ceremonial duties at Windsor Castle, one of Queen Elizabeth II’s official residences, yesterday.
Looking smart in their white and gold songket samping ceremonial dress, the 21-member contingent was in stark contrast to the 170 Pioneer Regiment foot guards whom they replaced during the traditional “changing-of-the-guards” ceremony.
Although the ceremony lasted only about 30 minutes, it was recognition of the regiment’s capability in guarding Queen Elizabeth II’s 900-year-old castle, about 50km from London.

Royal duty: The Royal Malay Regiment taking part in the changing-of-the-guards ceremony at Windsor Castle on Tuesday.

Kapten Mejar Mohamed Qadri Abu Bakar said he was proud and honoured to be leading the first Malay regiment to assume royal duties in Britain.
Kapt Mohamed Qadri, who was involved in ceremonial duties at Istana Negara, Parliament House and Mindef, said he found it meaningful to perform similar duties in Britain.
Band major Warrant Officer Mohamed Nor Azizan Yahya said his 28-member brass band was in high spirits as they looked forward to promoting the country through playing Malaysian tunes.
Earlier, the brass band led the contingent as they marched from the Victoria Barracks to the castle. Along the route, the band played popular Malaysian tunes such as Jalur Gemilang, Joget Jambu Merah, Di-bawah Satu Bendera, Gagah Setia and Puteri Remaja.

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