Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Open up the Military Shows like DSA to the public!

Well after visiting DSA 2008 yesterday and cancelling another visit today because frankly I have a toe injury and decided that such shows can get quite monotonous after several visits, so why hazard more injury. Especially when there is not much new military toys on display. Nonetheless it is encouraging to note that the organisers has decided to let certain segments of the public access to a previously restricted military exhibition. This because when more segments of the public gain information on the types of weaponary available and compare it to what we have in our own inventory for use to safeguard not only our national interests but also independence, I hope the volume of the chorus of calls to reduce our national defence budget or even not to have any defence expenditures so that the money can be spent on so-called living essentials like rice imports and water dams for the benefit of the rakyat will be reduced. Hello! In a world where food and water has now increasingly become strategic items and that is without even mentioning energy supplies like oil becoming scarcer, what are we going to use if a rogue nation decides to invade us? Throw bags of rice and shoot your water pistols is it. Do not discount this fact when a neighbouring nation has openly declared that she will do whatever it takes to secure their water supply. It will not happen you say? Why do you think Japan went on conquest mode in World War II? To happily slaugther jews or in their case the Chinese was it? It was plain and simply because they needed to secure their resources supply when faced with a Western embargo la dudes and dudettes. So you want to wait for history that is now repeating itself to happen at your doorsteps before clamouring for weapon purchases before you approve of weapons purchases is it?

Anyway back to the topic at hand, as I have gained access to such military shows I may have become bored with the miltary hardware exhibits being displayed. There is only a small portion of new things to see, especially since in Malaysia at least we have LIMA and DSA rotating their shows each year. Even for me that have not had the luck yet to visit LIMA the displays are getting a bit stale. Maybe they need to jazz things up a bit by having prettier showgirsl like what they have in PC fairs and autoshows to make more interesting for me. As it is, this is the only showgirl worth a shot, even for my cari forum kakis. But like me, not many people can go to LIMA while DSA is so accessible for people in general. So why restrict DSA attendance when people can easily access LIMA. I really don't see the differencelah! At least now since school and university students have access, let the makciks and pakciks who vote also get the chance to see where their tax monies are being spent on, or at least let the weapon dealers have the chance to justify purchase of their weapons to themlah. So people if you have the chance, go the the show and upgrade your knowledge by engaging the exhibitors in conversation. And if they are happy with your interest, you may be surprised with gifts like what I got here, just by engaging them in intelligent discourse.

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