Wednesday, January 14, 2009

The Wait Is Finally Over

Finally the wait is over to receive the first two units of the RMAF SU-30 MKM after four years the purchase agreement was signed. The puzzle concerning the fighter's camouflage scheme has also been answered as a light blue on grey colour scheme has been displayed. Whether the RMAF will adopt a similar gunship grey colour scheme similar to their other fighter assets we will see later. And finally we have confirmation from the PTU himslef that the MKM will be armed with a BVR missile the Amraamski that has been a point of conjecture by the project's keen observers since some of the region's air forces has such BVR armed fighters. And it looks like the AEWC aircraft purchase may be put on hold since the fighter's AEW capabilities has been strongly featured by the PTU, possibly as a salve to soothe fears that the RMAF has no organic AEW capabilities.

Anyway it looks like Gong Kedak Air Force Base near the Kelantan will be a favourite spot for aircraft spotters once the first two birds lands there next month. I am all for it so that photos of the birds will now populate the cyberspace as they have been very difficult to spot in deed, Anyway for those of you interested to view the video the MKM roll-out, point your browsers to this link

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